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I. Service / Promo Description

The “Loaded” subscription service features game pack contents targeting kids and adults. Subscriber will play the games on the website, but will be charged via sms for the daily subscription. Once a user is registered he/she will receive 1 full day play time and corresponding points upon subscription, for only P5.00. The goal of each user is to accumulate points while playing and achieve points milestones – 500 points, 1,000 points, and 2,000 points. Each user must reach the Top 10 Rank of any of the games in the available gamepacks to be issued points in tiers. These are the points each user needs to reach the said Points Milestones for the Jackpot Round. Every time a point milestone is achieved, a Jackpot Round will open up where users automatically win prizes! The Jackpot Round is represented by a Deck of Cards Game, where 25 cards will open to show the prizes and excite users. Once user see the prizes, the cards will close, shuffle, and settle into place for player selection. The corresponding prize in the card selected will be given to the player as winnings! To subscribe to this service, users must register to the Loaded website, www.loaded.com.ph and send text LOADED ON to 2263 to activate the account.

The subscription will be good for playing anytime for a 1 day period in which after another day subscription will be rebilled. In the event the subscription is not billed, the player will have the option of topping up anytime within the day by sending a text  message LOADUP to 2263.


II. How to Register                                                                

  1. To subscribe, user goes to www.loaded.com.ph and inputs his/her personal details and mobile number on the site.

  2. The user must agree to the Terms and Conditions to complete the registration.

  3. To finalize registration process, users must subscribe by texting LOADED ON to 2263 to activate the account.

  4. The user may play the Loaded games once subscribed.

  5. P5.00 will be charged to the subscriber upon subscription.

  6. P5.00 will be deducted daily on the day after registration from the subscribed account, user can then access Loaded website to play all games.

  7. Registration/ subscription is a one-time process per number.

  8. Upon successful registration, a user is subscribed for 1 day (24 hours) to access to the Loaded website.

  9. The user will be opted in to the subscription service and will now be given access to play the games on the Loaded website.

  10. Every day, if successfully charged with P5, users will be given a 24-hour site access to play in the games

  11. The 24-hour access takes effect the moment user is charged.

  12. The subscriber may only play the games once he/she is subscribed

  13. In the event of the subscription is not billed, the player must load at least P5 and text LOADUP to 2263 to continue playing.

  14. < > will be valid until the next promo billing cycle.

    Upon logging in, user is now ready to play the Loaded games.

  15. Every successful 1st login per day is equivalent to 20 points.

  16. The objective is to be in the top 10 players list per game per day to earn points in tiers according to rank.

    Point system for placing within the daily top 10 players per game:



Equivalent points

Top 1

50 points

Top 2

45 points

Top 3

40 points

Top 4

35 points

Top 5

30 points

Top 6

25 points

Top 7

20 points

Top 8

15 points

Top 9

10 points

Top 10

5 points


  1. If a subscriber reaches the 500 points, 1,000 points and 2,000 points he/she can play the Jackpot round to win instant prizes.

  2. Accumulated historical points will also be rewarded. The user will be awarded corresponding badges depending on his/her total historical points. Every end of the month, there will a raffle draw for each badge level. There will be one winner for every badge level raffle draw. The higher the badge level, the bigger the prizes to be won.

  3. To unsubscribe from Loaded the subscriber should text LOADED OFF to 2263.




Badge equivalent points:



Total points


0 – 5,000

Super User

5,001 – 25,000

Super Star

25,001 – 50,000


50,001 – above









Note: Logging out from the website will not reset your points to zero.



III. WEB URL: www.loaded.com.ph  





  • Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

  • Acer Travel Mate

  • Samsung 23”LCD TV

  • Apple Ipod Shuffle

  • Portable Ext HDD 500gb

  • HP CtW450t digital camera

  • Xbox Kinect 360

  • Nikon D 3100
  • Gshock G-8900-1

  • P500 Rustan’s GC

  • P100, P300 load

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

  • Samsung LED 32” TV


DTI-FTEB Permit No. 0209 Series of 2014

Promo Period: August 8, 2014 to August 8 ,2015