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This service enables subscribers of Smart Communications, Inc. to check balance, download services,...

Android, iPhone, WindowsPhone

SmartNet is a Social Aggregating service that offers users posting, viewing of feeds to Facebook and...

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Roaming Services

P10 nalang (not P20), to text from overseas to the Philippines!

Sa abot kayang halaga, pwede ng doblehin ang pagtext to the Philippines!
How To Send a Text:



* To avoid time out error, please ensure that each screen is only displayed for 25 seconds, Otherwise, phone will display a failed response.

**For long messages (more than 20 characters), it is recommended to use the "continue" option each session. Total capacity of each session is 160 characters.

How To Check Your Balance:
  1. Dial *133# to show the Menu.
  2. Press "Answer" then type "2" and Send.
  1. Roaming text, including balance inquiry, sent outside of Presyong Pinoy Menu is charged the regular roaming rate.
  2. Service is available to all Smart roamers.
  3. To activate prepaid roaming service, text ROAM ON to 333

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